Swift Walk Through The Bible

A Swift Walk Through The Bible

Finally! A way to get a full and complete understanding of the Bible in the time it takes to watch a move! The book gives you:

† An overall summary of the Bible, how it lays out and how the Testaments connect.

† A summary of the Old Testament and the New Testament.

† A book-by-book summary of each book of the Bible in about 2-3 short pages per book.

† Historical context including information about the author, why he wrote the book, and where the book fits into the history of the Bible.

When you are finished this book, you will have as good of an understanding of the Bible as the typical seminary graduate. You will find that sermons, messages and even Bible study will be more meaningful, as your new insight will bring Scripture into sharper focus. This is not just a one-time read, but an invaluable reference tool to keep next to your Bible.

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